Baltic Adventure – Swim around Örö Island

4-day swimming holiday on Örö Island. The fortress island of Örö is a nature and a cultulral history pearl of the outer Archipelago Sea. It was a closed military area for hundred years, but now it’s a protected area for outdoor and nature lovers with its untouched scorched heathlands and sandy beaches. Swimming from islets to islets is a fun way to experience a genuine maritime feel of the Baltic Sea. 1K-3K swims along beaches of the island and the entire round of the island 8.5K or a half round 4K.


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Acclimatization swim, 1K-3K swims along the beaches of Örö Island, 8,5K or 4K swim around Örö Island and “islet hopping”.


Örö Island is an ideal location for wild swimming, canoeing, SUP boarding, boating, birdwatching and fishing. 16,5 km of marked trails and old cobbled roads lead visitors to fortifications, artillery batteries, heath forests, sandy beaches and viewpoints to island’s stunning scenery.


Accommodation in cosy cottages and/or in group rooms. All houses are situated by the island restaurant, which serves breakfasts, lunches and dinners. You can also bring and cook your own food.


Island is an interesting mixture of untouched nature and military history, which is showcased in an exhibition in the barracks by the 12-inch artillery battery. The Island Restaurant menu observes the surrounding archipelago and the Nordic cuisine.


Day ~19 °C, night ~15 °C and sea water ~16-20 °C