Swim Finland offers swim guiding, swim safety services and swimming lessons. The company organises swim guiding for half-day and day tours of wild swimming, open water swimming and winter swimming. The swimming holidays we operate are organised by our liable partners, for year 2020 our partner is Adventure Apes.

We find the best spots for your swimming adventures in the country of 187 888 lakes and the Baltic Sea with world’s largest archipelago. Company operates in English, Finnish and Swedish.


Our guides are experienced open water swimmers and life savers.

Lead guide Päivi Pälvimäki

After successful competitive swimming in her childhood, Päivi had a long break from swimming. When her daughter started to train swimming, Päivi just fell in love with the sport again and started training and competing in Masters. But it was just open water and winter swimming that finally really hooked her again. She is the founder member of the Finnish Open Water Swimming Association, Uimalla yli. For many years she coordinated winter swimming for the Finnish Outdoor Association, Suomen Latu. She also coordinated the The Get Wet project in Finland and an open water swimming project and events for the Finnish Swimming Association. At the moment Päivi works among nature tourism and nature protection in Parks and Wildlife Finland.