Päivi Pälvimäki swimming in Lake Lohja.

After successful competitive swimming in her childhood, Päivi had a long break from swimming. When her daughter started to train swimming, Päivi just fell in love with the sport again and started training and competing in Masters. But it was just open water and winter swimming that finally really hooked her again. And now she competes in both of them with good results. In her own company Kiara Oy, which is behind the Swimming Holidays in Finland service, she manages swimming, art, media and education projects. Lately she led the Gulf of Finland Swim project to its happy end. She is a scriptwriter and lecturer and has M.A. in Theatre and Film Studies.

Samuli ready to invite guests to his football sauna.

Samuli Keisu was born in Tornio, Northern Finland. There are two things he’s passionate about: sports and saunas. When he was fifteen years old he started to train triathlon with his friends. They were the only triathletes in Lapland that time. To get warm after training in chilly waters, they planned and built transportable saunas for themselves. And that Samuli has continued doing since and now he works as a professional builder in his own company Keisus. Samuli likes adventures, so in summer 2015 he drove a sauna on a trailer through Europe from Finland to Cadiz, Spain. Samuli took triathlon quite seriously and became multiple Champion in Finnish Junior Triathlete Championships and also represented Finland on international level.

Tuomas Kaario having a break in Lake Lohja.
Tuomas Kaario having a break while swimming in Lake Lohja.

Tuomas Kaario is a pioneer in open water and marathon swimming in Finland. He was the first Finn to swim the English Channel in 2008. He succesfully swam across the Gulf of Finland, 58 km from Tallinn in Estonia to Porkkala in Finland,  in July 2014. Tuomas had a very good swim in the Cook strait in New Zealand in February the same year, but the crossing wasn’t carried out. In July 2016 Tuomas swam the Strait of Gibraltar. In addition to marathon swimming, Tuomas interests are long-distance running, rock climbing, road and mountain biking. Tuomas is an an osteopath and sport massage threrapist and lives and works in Lohja. At the moment he is planning a swim that’s beyond the previous ones.

Our guides are experienced open water swimmers, life savers and First Aid Course EA 1® valid. Päivi Pälvimäki is also ASI Level 1 and 2 Stand Up Paddle Instructor and Water Safety Rescue valid.

Päivi and Tuomas are founder members of Uimalla yli – The Finnish Open Water Swimming Association (2015).