Ice and winter swimming adventure?

SWHF has received many inquiries of ice and winter swimming adventure holidays in Finland for winter 2017-18. If you are interested in these winter swimming adventure holidays, please contact us. We need more swimmers interested to be able to package a holiday.  

Wild Swimming Holidays

How about plunging into Finland’s innumerable lakes? Unspoiled small lakes in silence or vast lakes with varying sceneries. Or if sea swimming is your preference, wild swimming in Baltic Sea and discovering its unique archipelago is your thing. We organise wild swimming holidays for single travelers and small groups. Will find the best spots for your wild swimming holiday.  Finnish Lakeland is the largest Lake District in Europe. There’s private shoreline for everyone, clear waters and islands and islands and islands…Glittering … Read More

Lapland calling!

It is here, finally! The new Lapland Adventure Swimming Holiday. Welcome from 11th ’till 17th of July 2017 to the banks of The Torne River. Read H2Open Magazine editor Jonathan’s experiences of Aavasaksa area, Swim the Arctic Circle event and Lapland: If I could turn back time

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