Ray Gibbs from Swim Canary Wharf:

Douce from The Netherlands:
“In August 2015 my sister and I had a wonderful swimming holiday at Lake Lohja.
Four days of long distance swimming in this beautiful lake, very safe with Paivi and
Thomas on surfboard and boat, nice house to stay, delicious lunches and diners and
also enough freetime to do cycling and walking. We had a great holiday!!”

Pekka from Finland:
“I participated in a day swim trip at Lake Lohja last August. I met our guides Päivi and Tuomas
and our swim group at local farmers market in the morning. After having breakfast together we went for a swim.
The weather was really nice for swimming, partially sunny with light breeze. While we were swimming our guides
paddled near us watching for boats, serving us water while guiding us.
The first 5 km swim ended to a small beautiful island. On the island we had delicious lunch and coffee.
After enjoying the view and relaxing for a while we started 3 km swim back to our starting point.
After total 8 km of swimming, longest daily distance for me so far,
it was nice to have a sauna and plentiful dinner together.
This kind of swim trip was new experience for me and I really enjoyed it!”